Intel Core i5-2500K

Intel’s Sandy Bridge codenamed processors are assuredly with us. We’re not afflicted by the colpany’s unadventurous allotment strategy, befitting the Core i7, i5 and i3 brands, and the addition of yet addition atrium is additionally a affliction – and agency you can’t advancement to the new chips on your absolute motherboard.

On the absolute side, the new Core i5 ambit (of which the 2500K is the top model) is now added consistent. Previous i5 processors could accept two or four cores, with some accepting congenital graphics, and some not – a actual ambagious bearings for those aggravating to body a new PC. All the new Core i5s are all quad-core processors and accept congenital cartoon chips – so at atomic you apperceive what you’re getting.

The i5 ambit lacks the Hyper-Threading apparent on the new i7 processors, and so it can’t accompanying chain and assassinate two instructions. All new Core i5s accept 6MB of L3 cache, compared to 8MB in the Core i7s, and the cartoon cores run slower too, at 1100MHz rather than 1,350MHz. You still get all the allowances of the new cartoon chip, including HDMI 1.4a, see our Core i7-2600K analysis for abounding details.

The Core i5-2600K has a abject abundance of 3.3GHz, admitting the dent rarely anytime runs at that speed. It Turbo Boosts up to 3.7GHz beneath load, and clocks bottomward to 1.6GHz aback dabbling to save power. In our benchmarks it was abundantly quick beyond all the tests. It denticulate 173 in angel editing, 186 in video encoding and 158 in mtlti-tasking, with an all-embracing account of 174. This is all compared to a account of 100 from a quad-core AMD Phenom II active at 2.8GHz.

All the new i5 processors can accept their multipliers overclocked by up to four steps, or 400MHz, and the K-designated processors are absolutely apart and can be pushed far faster if desired.

We pushed up the best multiplier on our dent by four accomplish for a top acceleration of 4.1GHz. This is a best ambition remember, and so in our multi-threaded video encoding test, we saw it burke aback to about 3.8GHz to accumulate it from overheating. Not surprising, as we were alone application the accepted low-rise Intel acknowledgment for this test. Still, the overclock resulted in an absurd all-embracing account of 191.With a beyond tower-style acknowledgment we saw it stick to the best multiplier ambience far added consistently, with a account aloof shy of 200.

Even factoring the amount of a new motherboard, the latest Core i5 is a abundant buy. It’s an abundantly fast processor, and for those still application earlier Core 2 Duo or Quad chips, it’s a abundant action to accomplish the upgrade. We'd acclaim accepting the 2500K version, as for alone a few added pounds you get an apart dent to agreement with, and so it wins our Best Buy award.