WiFi and Bluetooth USB Adapter

WiFi and Bluetooth USB Adapter - 802.11G Wireless Internet + P2P

WiFi and Bluetooth USB Adapter - 802.11G Wireless Internet + P2P. New wireless USB 2.0 adapter for accessing wireless networks with a fast IEEE 802.11G connection. This is an avant-garde two-in-one USB stick blazon alien WiFi and Bluetooth adapter for abacus the latest in connectivity to your anthology or desktop computer.

For accelerated wifi internet you cannot acquisition annihilation bigger than this hot 802.11G (WLAN) / Bluetooth adapter. With a simple bureaucracy you'll be surfing the internet in no time, after the altercation of cables. Bigger yet, by abacus Bluetooth to your laptop you can be abutting yourself anon to your accompany buzz or added Bluetooth enabled accessory to bound barter files wirelessly.

Suitable for both Ad Hoc (computer to computer) and Infrastructure (through a router) networks and able of all adjustable abstracts ante up to and including the 54Mbps 802.11G standard. This assemblage includes Wireless LAN Utility software will acquiesce you to configure and abuse your affiliation for best efficiency. A abundant accession for both anthology and desktop computers.

At a Glance
  • USB 2.0 adapter for abacus Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to your computer.
  • 802.11G affiliation at up to 54 MBPS.
  • Product Notes
  • Compatible with wireless 802.11G, 802.11B admission points/networks
  • Bluetooth 2.0+EDR compliant
  • 85dbm at 0.1% Bit Error Rate(BER) sensitivity
  • Very Secure with 64/128/256bit WEP Encryption, TKIP, WPA, WPA2, 802.11I
  • Connections up to 7 accessories in a Piconet
  • Single user interface for both WIFI and Bluetooth accessory agreement and operation
  • Package Contents
  • Wifi and Bluetooth Card
  • Software CD with software accoutrement and drivers