Samsung I9103 Galaxy R

I was looking for a fast,well capable phone having a large display covering almost every feature a smartphone can have. But i was not willing to spend more thn 20k on a phone.My requirements were atleast 1Ghz Procc, 512MB Ram, 4" display & all other usual things. I was considering Galaxy SL & Neo V(skipped O2x coz of smaller screen & less RAM thn SGR) but then price of Galaxy R dropped to 20k and i bought it.

Design - I love the design of SGR more thn other galaxy phones out there. Its looks so sleek & shiny from both front and backside. Its much slimmer thn i imagined by seeing its picture earlier on the net. It easily fits in my shirt's pocket although its a bit wider.

Package contents - I got main set, 1650mah battery, charger, data cable, an earphone, a leather pouch (I really loved the pouch, need not to purchase other), No Kies CD(although it can be downloaded)

Memory shown - RAM - 724MB, System storage - 1.97GB, USB storage - 3.75GB(although its printed 8GB on the box... lots of space is system reserved), and a microSD card slotMultimedia - It played every audio format it tried. But the stock video player failed to play some 720p video.. I tried flv,avi,mp4 format of different size & resolution. Later i installed Mobo Video Player, MX Video Player, Real player & some codecs with them which almost fulfilled my need. But still searching for a good video player app which can handle every format without any hitch.

Browsing - Browsing is a fun on SGR believe me. I never worried that i'm browsing on a mobile phone. It always felt that i'm on PC having a bit smaller screen. Opening webpages and switching between pages & sites is very convenient. It never lagged, crashed, hanged or whatever till now. (paisa vasool for me bcoz its one of my primary requirement). I tried stock browser as well as Dolphin HD, Opera & Skyfire. Opening multiple webpages doesn't make it operate slow.

Apps & Games - Till now i've installed more than 50 apps on my phone. It handles running multiple apps simultaneously without any lag. I not much into games so hvn't tried any of them yet.

Battery - With medium to heavy usage it easily lasts whole day while on 3G. I have to charge it daily(as in the case of maximum android phones). No complain.

Camera - This 5mp camera is sufficient for all casual needs. but i'm not satisfied with video recorded with it maybe i'm comparing it with my digital camera's video quality thts why.... Although it shoots nice quality pictures. Front camera is the added benefit.

Conclusion - I'm happy with the money i spent. it's totally worth.... Its the best one around 20k.

If the fellow members have any doubt or query regarding this device which they think i can answer thn pls post them here. i'll be happy to help......